From the President … in May 2021

May has been another month of hearing about lots of fantastic club trips and adventures and getting to experience a range of club events.  The new Committee also had its first meeting and agreed on its priorities for the upcoming year.

Building leadership capability and capacity will be an important focus – both in terms of trip leaders and leadership more generally. This includes recognising and supporting the many ways in which our volunteers lead. For example, through organising and speaking at club events, as lodge operators, through welcoming newer members and helping out with training, and supporting leaders and members on trips in multiple ways.

The Club’s Lodge at Ruapehu remains another key priority, with maintenance, cleaning, bookings, food and much more to be done. Again, a massive thanks to Brian and the whole Lodge Sub-Committee, as well all those who went up recently to restock and clean the Lodge. Winter bookings opened at the start of this month – with still some spaces for some weekends (book here).

While COVID-19 needs to stay on our agenda for now, we’re more prepared and better placed to respond after many learnings since lockdown last year. Fingers crossed that we’ll remain at COVID-19 Level 1 (or move lower) but if we end up at Level 2 again, subject to various conditions, the Lodge is likely to remain open and some trips continue to run.

The environment sub-committee is continuing to look at how the club and members can minimise our environmental impact. You can still take your batteries and empty gas cannisters to club nights for recycling, and we’re wanting more volunteer events to support. Any other suggestions, email Tony S at .

Our work on developing a vision and mission statement will be extended to make sure we’re culturally responsive. Initially this will involve looking at where we could better recognise and reflect Te Ao Māori and Te Reo Māori knowledge and views.  If you want to get involved or contribute in anyway, contact me or any other Committee member.

The club turns 75 this year – which provides the ideal opportunity to celebrate our past and where we are, as well as commemorate all that has made WTMC the great club it is today. Any suggestions of how to do this, as well as any photos, stories or other things from the club’s history would be welcomed (email me or bring along to a club night).

Speaking of great leadership, Amelia White and Samantha Alderidge are the new co-coordinators for the family group.  Thanks again to Barry Cuthbert for running the group over the last four years – and thanks to Amelia and Sam for jointly taking on the role. We’re looking at how to get the Families group more connected to other parts of the club and vice versa. Any suggestions, or if you know of any families who may want to get involved in the club or get outdoors more, email .

Some of our newer (and other) members may not be aware that the club is fully voluntary. I know a few have been asking about trip costs and other things about how the club operates that many of us now take for granted. Trip prices are worked on a formula which involves a fixed cost to cover the purchase, maintenance and insurance of our vans plus a variable cost based on distance to cover fuel. Any other questions (or suggestions) feel free to ask me or anyone else on the Committee.

Thanks Sarah F for being our new Emergency Coordinator and for arranging new batteries for some of our PLBs so we’re current for some years to come. Thanks again also to Mark P for all his commitment and effort in this role over the past few years.

This year we’re looking to try some new things and spread the load more.

We’re after more people to be the emergency contact for a weekend so each volunteer only needs to do it once or twice a year. If you’re willing to help out or want to know more email Sarah at

A massive thanks to Meredith S who kindly offered to help coordinate a roster of volunteers to welcome people at club nights, as well as helping with some other volunteer coordination throughout the year. If you haven’t received an email from Meredith yet and you’re interested in helping out on the door, or with tea and coffee at club nights, email .

It’s also wonderful to see our new Social Convenor, Amanda and Promotions Officer, Sam enthusiastically coming up with new ideas, with great help from Aimee, Byron, Rasmus and some other longer-term members. This includes a gear swap night on Wednesday 16 June from 7pm (for sellers), with doors open for buyers from 7.30pm.

Keep an eye out on the club’s Facebook, forum and events pages for more details of this and other club events coming soon.

Below and above are tasters of some of my recent club adventures – can’t wait to hear about yours,



Nearly at Bull Mound, Alpha Hut club trip

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