Odds and Ends – June 2014

Odds & Ends

Tramping with Children by Karen Jordanbook

This book was written to encourage more parents to take their children tramping. The tracks have all been walked by the author’s children when they were under 10 years of age. The book is set out into two sections. The first section covers useful information such as planning your trip, what to take, clothing, meals, and safety. The second part has over 30 suggestions for South Island tracks, which are described in children times. The book also includes many photos of the tracks, huts and scenery that you will encounter. Cost is $30. Contact Karen Jordan at to purchase a copy.

I’m Not Alone Walk of NZI'm Not Alone Walk of NZ Poster - email

In the 13 October 2014, Kylie Lang is going to start walking the length of New Zealand to promote awareness of mental health and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation. Each day she will be joined by another walker so she is not alone. Collectively she hopes to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health Foundation. Kylie is doing this to encourage others to be active in the outdoors, engage with people and inspire them to set a goal. This walk symbolises doing things together, talking things out and the importance of support for our mental health. She needs 58 people to join her for a days walk (some overnight tramping options are also available). Check out www.walknz.org for more information.

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