Hopelessly head over heels for Hopeless

Who names a mountain “Hopeless”? By all accounts, “an early survey party with a poor attitude”! Three days before our ferry left Wellington, I carried out my standard ritual of emailing all the trip plans to my Dad. He usually replies with “Thanks Son, be safe out there” or encouraging words to that effect. This … Read more

Side trip to Cupola Hut

After a wonderful side trip to the stunning Travers Falls, a few of us decided to tackle Cupola Hut.  DOC’s estimated time was 2.5 hours to the hut and we saw from the map that we would have a 500m climb just before reaching it.  Our honourable leader did not think we could make it … Read more

Mt Cupola

I looked at the weather forecast on the Monday and it looked alright. Rain on the Friday and Sunday and clear on the Saturday, the climbing day By Tuesday the forecast had gone rotten, two fronts passing through one hitting on our Saturday. I sorted out a good book and made sure we had some … Read more