Steve Kohler Says: Can we firm up the Billy-off Rules?

The “Great Billy Off Competition” in the July 2010 newsletter was very inspiring, dealing with a piece of bushcraft that we don’t use so much in these modern times, but which we would still find a blessing if a primus died, or we needed some serious drying out or warming up. But having corresponded with one of the team members, I have been nominated to write this small article asking for further contributions to the rules.

The record at the moment is exactly 20 minutes.

The teams in that July article came up with good basic rules but if their time is to be beaten we have to do it fairly.  I have suggested additional rules 6 to 9 (in italics).  Can anyone contribute a further newsletter article which might standardise them even more?

  1. Size matters, identically sized club billies to be used.
  2. Equal number of people in the teams.
  3. The winning team is the team whose 3 Cups of water, first reaches a rolling boil
  4. All teams have access to all wood supplies, and no team can use what other teams have collected
  5. An independent judge measures the water and ensures adherence to the above rules.
  6. No accelerants (such as rubber, paper, candles, fuel) – only matches or lighters allowed
  7. Billy lid off during whole process
  8. State month of year you did it (as hot months of the year would have a bearing)
  9. Minimum cup size = so many cc (can someone suggest?)

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