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Given that Wed club nights are unlikely to start again soon the three organisers of the 2020 WTMC Photo Competition have decided that it should be planned to be conducted on-line. This also follows the recommendations of the FMC who run the NZ-wide competition.

So – the plan at the moment is to have entries submitted to the WTMC Facebook page with a hashtag denoting the category entered. The photos will be displayed for anyone to view – and the judge can retrieve the photos at any time for his consideration. Additionally the ‘likes’ can be an informal ‘Peoples Choice’ category.

The results can be announced by the judge via the FB page, or perhaps on another virtual club night via Zoom.

So start unearthing your best existing photos (must have be taken after Jan 2017 and within NZ), and taking new ones once we are able to move around. The judge this year will be Grant Newton again who in the past has offered valuable critical comment on every photo submitted so it is a great way to learn what makes a good photo and how yours could be improved. And don’t be afraid to enter because you think your photo may be critiqued harshly – those who have won places in past competitions have had plenty of their best (so they thought) rejected by Grant – and for good reasons when pointed out. Be aware though that photos taken with mobile phones, unless you are using a newer model with a high quality camera, are unlikely to be of award winning standard.

Photos should be sent to us at as a jpg or tiff file with a file size between 1 and 5 MP. We will post them all to the club FB page from our email so that the judge can make his choices without any knowledge as to who submitted the photo. The final date for entries will be 17 August 2020. The conditions of entry and due date will be strictly enforced as there needs to be time for the judging, and to get prize winning photos submitted to the FMC competition.

Photographers behind the prize winners and runners-up submitted to the FMC competition are eligible this year to some very generous prizes – including a 2 week voyage to the NZ Sub-Antarctic Islands.

For full information on categories visit the FMC website.

To check out the club winning pics from 2019 try here.

If you have any queries just email any one of us.

9 thoughts on “Photo comp”

  1. Perhaps this year, winners need to be present at the photo competition club night to win their category in the competition. So, on that, I look forward to catching up with all three Tonys at that club night.

    Re the calendars, there might need to be three calendars if we are to be entertained with three of Harry’s calendar reviews. (Each Tony can produce one calendar.)

  2. If there are three Tonies, does this mean that he (or should that be “they”?) can enter 6 photos per category?!

  3. It’s been a fun charade all this time, sharing jobs, friends, etc, but now we are finding it difficult to remember what role we are playing on any day. So we decided to out ourselves and live our own separate existences. Hopefully we will all meet you on a tramp somewhere soon.

  4. I realise it is just a typo, but surely if it is of award ‘wining’ standard (instead of award winning standard), depends on the quality of wine..?

    • Good spotting, Margaret. The person who published that has fixed it and blamed the mistake on wine…. 😉

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