Ruapehu Lodge Update – October 2022

With the demise of RAL there must be something to talk about with a positive theme. I’ll try the weather.

When there is little snow on the mountain there tends to be better weather. When there is plenty of snow on the mountain there is less skiing.

After returning from two weeks on the mountain we certainly had some very good days and some upper mountain excellent spring skiing especially for those who skied down from the crater. We had some of the finest ski touring that can be had on the mountain.

RAL put in an excellent effort into keeping the ski field alive on the upper mountain with the lifties putting in extra effort in teaching new people how to use the three T bars.

The school group that we were looking after were pleased with the snow making machine in happy valley from where some of them progressed to the upper mountain.

Moving forward we will be having summer lodge again this Christmas / new year for a few weeks. We will have someone manning the lodge so all that will be required is a phone call to make sure there is space and turn up to enjoy our lodge and mountain.

We are looking with interest at the situation with RAL and I feel sure that we will continue to ski the mountain again once the situation is resolved. There is a lot at stake on and around the mountain and a solution will be found with the support of skiers and snowboarders.

For Life Pass Holders of the Club

On Saturday the Administrators from PWC sent an important email to all Life Pass Holders advising them that Life Pass Holders are contingent creditors and that they may vote at the preliminary meeting this Friday to be held concurrently in Wellington, Whakapapa and Auckland. 

It has come to light that some Life Pass Holders may not have received the email, mainly due to email address changes that individuals may not have advised RAL of. 

This communication is being sent in case Life Pass Holders didn’t receive the email from PWC on Saturday., And to reiterate the urgency required of all Life Pass Holders to take action and vote. 

RAL went into Voluntary Administration last Tuesday, 11th Oct. The Statutory Process deems that there be an initial creditors meeting within 8 days of the appointment of the Administrators, who are PWC. This initial meeting of creditors will happen this Friday. 

Life Pass Holders are contingent creditors and may therefore vote at this meeting in person or by proxy, or by postal / email vote.

The PWC administrators emailed a letter to Life Pass holders on Saturday explaining the process and timeframe. If you did not get the email, contact the administrators at to get a copy and the voting and proxy forms.

Key times:

By 11am this Wednesday (19th Oct) – email/postal votes must be sent to  

By 11am this Wednesday (19th Oct – email/postal proxies must be sent to

At 11am this Friday (21st Oct) – concurrent meetings held for creditors in Wellington, Whakapapa and Auckland.


Lodge convenor

1 thought on “Ruapehu Lodge Update – October 2022”

  1. Annoyed to see the media all seemingly reporting to the effect that there will never be enough snow on Ruapehu again, rather than the possibility that this poor season was an exception ! RAL did an incredible job in the circumstances.

    And as far as the ‘business’ side goes, even just the Sky Waka and Knoll Ridge Chalet facilities are hugely valuable assets for both winter and summer use – surely themselves being worth far more than the debt.


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