Dundas, deer and dialogue

See photos from Kevin Cole It was the kind of hot Friday night that cricket commentators call balmy or sultry when our party of five departed on a two day Medium/Fit Dundas tramp.  Our first goal was to get from the road end to Herepai Hut in total darkness. The modern marvel that is the LED light … Read more

Hot dates and roaring stags

I woke up to my alarm at the ungodly hour of 6:00AM on a Saturday.  This only reminds me of my time as a struggling student, having to wake up for the early morning shift at Moore Wilsons.  Nevertheless I put on my tramping gear and threw my pack over and ventured into the early … Read more

Not your usual Tararua tramp

We were rushing to get out of town on Friday night and eat a fast dinner, because David Heffernan and Shay had planned to tackle the SK challenge – the North to South crossing of the Tararuas in under 48 hours. Since the Medium and Medium-Fit trips for the weekend only had one punter and … Read more

Trip to Roaring Stag

After a slightly bleary-eyed 7.30am meet on the Saturday morning, a club minibus jam-packed with sleepy trampers left for the Tararuas in hot pursuit after Illona’s car. As a tramping-virgin, I had been warned about the mysteriously misty, murky and muddy Tararuas and had sat through various club presentations picturing drizzly-looking forest and decidedly damp-looking … Read more

Roaring Stag

We were lucky with great weather this weekend. Departure from Putara Road was in bright sun. The group of 11 set off upstream leaving a vocal farm dog behind us. The trip was a pleasant day in the bush, marked with a couple of breaks. We arrived at Roaring Stag early afternoon, with plenty of … Read more