Butterfly Creek, Eastbourne

Familes walk - Alison StevensonOn Friday night Ally Clarke’s grand total number of punters was none at all but come a fine Sunday morning there were 8 children ready for a tramping adventure in the hills above Eastbourne. Dom, Hamish, Iona, Charlie, Charlie, Ellen, Carly and Taylor, and assorted parents started up the track towards Butterfly Creek.

For 2 & 1/2 year old Ellen the motivation to keep going round the next corner, up to the big tree, or on to the spiky bush was the promised rations of “special tramping food” (broken plain biscuits, and jellybeans for the tough hills). I think everyone over the age of about two walked almost every step of the way up the steepish path which augurs well for the WTMC membership in the 2030s.

At the top we decided that continuing on to Butterfly Creek would likely involve lots of child portage so we quit while we were ahead and stopped for an early lunch. Iona, Charlie and parents were the honorable exceptions – they carried on to the creek. On the ridge top, food was consumed, the parents enjoyed the views, and Taylor, Ellen, and Charlie disappeared into the bush to find, apparently, chickens, horses and cows to milk for cups of tea.

Coming down was lots of running and laughing and holding hands with new friends. Some beautiful fungi were poking out of the bank beside the path (“Look! Don’t touch!) and some reassurances given about possible trolls under the little bridges (“Trolls don’t live in Wellington!)

Once back into Eastbourne we rounded off a lovely trip with gelatos for all and a visit to the play park.

Thanks for organising Ally.

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