FMC Expedition Scholarships: Apply now

Applications for FMC expedition scholarships are open now and close on the 15th September. We know you are an adventurous lot, so we’d like to encourage WTMC members to apply. For the first time FMC is able to offer Expedition Scholarships to adventurers of all ages, so whether you are a family, adult or veteran WTMC member then you could still benefit.

The FMC Youth Scholarship, supported by the FMC Mountain and Forest Trust is being offered again. This scholarship has been offered since 2011, and has supported some terrific adventures. The Youth Scholarship is open to all applicants under 30 years of age with consideration given to people choosing appropriate levels of adventure for their experience. Mentoring is also encouraged, with no restriction on the ages of other expedition members.

The Simon Bell Memorial Scholarship, supported by the Bell Family, is being offered for the first time. This scholarship applies the same criteria and kaupapa of the Youth Scholarship except there are no age restrictions. There is after all a sense of adventure in us all. FMC is looking forward to some imaginative proposals for this scholarship.

All scholarships have a maximum value of $1000. For application forms and full criteria please see the FMC website:

Lake Chalice

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