Transport – April 2012

To ensure the club always has enough volunteers to drive the club Ford Transit 12-seater minivans when heading away each weekend we are going to hold a Minivan Famil session on the morning of either Saturday 21st or Sunday 22nd April, depending on peoples preference.   The famil, open to members and non-members who are … Read more

Transport – March 2012

The club would like to remind all drivers that important changes are taking place to the road rules from 5am on 25th March 2012. These changes will affect all drivers, riders, pedestrians and cyclists. Make sure you know the new rules so you’ll know what to do.   There are two give-way rules that will … Read more

Transport Report

With winter fast approaching we will soon be getting some use out of the snow chains that sit in both of the club vans. So you don’t spend 2 hours trying to fit these on a Friday night in the cold and dark road-side the club is running another Minivan Famil session kindly led by … Read more

Minivan Familiarisation Session

WTMC is regularly on the look-out for more club members to help with driving duties for the trips it runs each weekend. To this effect ALL club members are invited to express their interest in attending a club minivan familiarisation session. The session will be led by Steve “P Endorsement” Austin on a weekend morning … Read more

Transport – July 2009

The club is still wishing to attract more volunteers to help with driving the club vans on weekend trips.  We currently have just 32 people out of a club membership of almost 400 adults approved to drive the vans. We would like to get this number to at least 50 as soon as possible.  This … Read more