Taranaki Maunga East Ridge

Mt Taranaki Sharks Tooth

Taranaki Maunga (Mt Taranaki) East Ridge Climbing the East Ridge of Mt Taranaki on good solid lava flows directly from the East Egmont Road to the Sharks Tooth and then the summit What do WTMC trampers do after they have declared they are ‘all tramped-out’ after many trips over the previous six weeks of fine … Read more

Mount Taranaki East Ridge

In the days building up to this weekend weather-watching became something of an obsession, and a welcome surprise. I say ‘surprise’ because the forecast was good and, well, it’s Mount Taranaki. Everyone knows that Mount Taranaki lures you in with that promise of a beautiful day, only to change his mind right at the last … Read more

Taranaki East Ridge – and the Sharks Tooth

Climbing the East Ridge of Mt Taranaki

Taranaki East Ridge – and the Sharks Tooth A WTMC trip to Mt Taranaki and a climb of the East Ridge to the Sharks Tooth and the summit. “You know you have to come back right?” Tony said to me as we were driving back to Wellington in December.  “You did the the right thing, … Read more

“Where’s Sarah?”

The eight of us met at platform nine at 5 pm in an attempt to get away for a slightly early departure for the long drive up to Taranaki. Despite our best efforts, including Dan sneaking out of the office while his boss wasn’t looking, a crash on SH2 and then roadworks on SH1 meant … Read more

Taranaki East Ridge

Driving up to the Sratford Plateau car park at 5.45am on Saturday morning I’m hoping someone has spread lots of grit on the road so there is no ice to cope with. It’s a mild morning and the damp road has not frozen overnight. Relieved I park and we clamber out and assemble our gear … Read more