Puke Ariki Traverse: Belmont Regional Park

Belmont Regional Park is one of my favourite places in the Wellington area. The Park has plenty of tracks and is easily accessible by public transport. The Puke Ariki Traverse travels the length of the Park from the Dry Creek entrance to Cornish Street in Petone. The total length is about 24km. Polly and I … Read more

Summertime Daywalks

In the brief fortnight of summer this year the family group went out for a couple of day walks to explore the rather foreign concept of warm sunshine. Hemi Matenga Reserve Sunday 26th February 2017 The Hemi Matenga reserve in Waikanae on was first up, and up it was, a good 400m climb between carpark … Read more

Korokoro Dam

A group of 16 set out in good weather for the popular Cornish St to Korokoro Dam walk, a 3 hour return trip. The track follows Korokoro stream all the way to the dam, which was built in 1903 to supply Petone. Remnants of the water pipeline remain. Our group had a good number of … Read more