Kaweka Kaleidoscope – exploring Manson Country

Manson Country Kawekas

Kaweka Kaleidoscope – exploring Manson Country Kaweka Range – Kaweka Forest Park It nearly makes the squatters weep, It takes five acres to a sheep, And each year sees these smaller flocks, For sheep don’t thrive on snow and rocks. (An anonymous poet on the difficulty of mustering in the remote Manson Country) I have … Read more

More hut bagging in the Kawekas

On the Wednesday before our Wellington Anniversary long weekend trip up to the Kawekas, Megan gave a talk about a trip she did with Tony, Fons and Rohan at Labour Weekend last year, where they were able to visit seven huts over the three days. Not that we were into anything like competitive hut-bagging but … Read more

Hut bagging in the Kawekas

It was hot hot hot in the Kawekas on Wellington Anniversary Weekend! The Medium group commenced their trip into the Kawekas from Makahu Saddle. Ahead of us was the climb up Kaweka J. Minutes into the trip I was sweaty enough to pick up a fine dry coat of Kaweka dust all over my legs. … Read more